Here are some samples of my video work.

How Multimedia Computers Work

This 2-minute video demonstrates the highlights of “How Multimedia Computers Work,” a CD-ROM title I produced in 1994 for Mindscape (then The Software Toolworks) and Ziff-Davis Press. The product was distributed both as a standalone CD-ROM and as a combined book & CD, sold in bookstores. The program presented an immersive interactive “environment” where everything was clickable. 3D animations explained how each part of the computer worked. Comic relief was provided by the clumsy animated character “Zip Data.” Beyond the “antique” look of this multimedia PC, of particular fun is the “experts” section where two prominent tech columnists give their quick predictions of what our computers will look like in the year 2000. On the Ziff-Davis side, thanks go to Cindy Hudson and Eric Stone. My boss for the project was Joan Ziegler at Mindscape.

Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary for Kids

This quick demo shows the main functionality of Miriam Webster’s Dictionary for Kids which I produced for Mindscape in 1994. This multimedia CD-ROM title was created by Howard and Ariel’s Software Wonderland (Howard Blumenthal and Ariel Schwartz). It included 33,000 entry words with meanings, usage, synonyms, word histories, spoken pronunciations and phonetic markings. There are 200 animations, 500 photos and 200 sound effects. The CD-ROM also had five word games including a “monstrous” version of Hangman. The animations are “state-of-the-art”…1993/1994, that is! My boss for this project at Mindscape was Ed Bernstein.


Ashtown is an interactive multimedia program I worked on in 1991 while at InfoUse. This 10-minute video is a demo which was meant to teach 5th and 6th graders about the dangers of smoking. It was installed in a public building in Berkeley and used in various classrooms. The product itself consists of a Macintosh running HyperCard controlling a Pioneer Laserdisc player.

Take Control

Similar to Ashtown, Take Control also ran using a Macintosh playing HyperCard controlling a Pioneer Laserdisc player. This program was intended to teach developmentally disabled young adults about HIV and AIDS.

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