Simple and Effective Intro Videos

by Brian Blum on September 7, 2009

My colleague and friend Jay Bailey has launched RapidFire Video, a new company that creates simple but effective “intro” videos for startups and more established companies. The basic idea is that a straightforward, lightly animated short can quickly convey a company’s message without requiring a huge upfront expense. Think of it as a calling card for your site. Here’s an example:

But the real opportunity, Jay says, is to attach your video intro to an email you’re sending to follow up with a potential customer or partner you just met at a networking meeting. RapidFire videos are small – no more than a couple of MB – which makes them appropriate for posting to YouTube or Facebook as well as via email.

Jay has a very fun style – he chooses often irreverent graphics that make you smile. I’m thinking of having him create a video calling card for Blum Interactive Media. He says the price of a RapidFire video can be as much as 3/4 off the price of a big Flash design house. And he offers a nice discount for referrals – so if you use him, tell him I sent you.

So far there are videos for Ruder Finn PR,, Fring and Bite2Eat.

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