The Best iPhone and iPad Apps from Israel

October 3, 2011

Whether you’re looking for something healthy to eat or trying to plot the best way home through rush-hour traffic, there’s an application for that on your iPhone or iPad. And if you look under the hood, you might just discover it’s made in Israel. With its expertise in cellular technologies, a love affair with the […]

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Something For Everyone at Israel’s Music Festivals

February 28, 2011

Despite this past summer’s flurry of over-hyped overseas cancellations, Israel’s music scene is thriving. Indeed, one need look no further than the extensive roster of festivals that paper the creative landscape – from the kabalistic city of Safed in the north, to the hedonistic beach town of Eilat in the south – to find a […]

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A Tech Revolution That Let’s You Choose the Plot

February 9, 2011

“All filmmaking is based on a lie,” says Israeli Professor Nitzan Ben-Shaul. “In the narrative structure of a movie, it appears that there is only one possible ending – that the way it’s presented is the way it has to be. But in life there are always options.” To demonstrate his argument, Ben-Shaul of the […]

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The Next Big Thing: Indoor Navigation?

January 2, 2011

I always enjoy Jeff Pulver’s networking “breakfasts” which he holds around the world. Pulver, a VoiP superstar and lately startup angel with a passion for Israel, usually hosts his breakfast shindigs in Tel Aviv, but last week he came to Jerusalem. I approach a networking event like a Kiddush at shul. You want to flit […]

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A New Patch Promises to Knock Out Acne

November 17, 2010

Teenagers suffering from acne will try anything to make the redness and infection go away, but current treatments have mixed results and numerous applications are usually necessary. Now, Oplon, a three-year-old medical materials company in Rehovot in central Israel has come up with a unique “patch” that radiates an “energy field” that can knock out […]

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New Product Deflects Cell Phone Radiation Away from Your Body

November 1, 2010

Does radiation from cell phones cause cancer? The jury is still out, with a recently released 10-year study organized by the World Health Organization saying no, and advocacy groups arguing that the research methodology was flawed. Regardless of the controversy, a small Israeli startup isn’t taking any chances. In July, Wise Environment began selling a […]

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Social Media Finds a Home in Wibiya’s New Toolbar

October 9, 2010

From ‘Facebook-like’ buttons to embedded YouTube videos and interactive chat, it’s rare to find a website these days that doesn’t beckon you to share your thoughts with everyone you’re connected to. But for website owners, adding all that social interaction takes time and, if you’re not a programmer, copying and pasting esoteric HTML and JavaScript […]

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Getting Away from Technology

September 6, 2010

I wrote in an earlier post about how human beings aren’t built to truly multitask – an action we increasingly rely on to parse all the data coming at us from the web or our mobile devices. New research is trying to figure out not only what happens psychologically when we try to do two […]

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The Wedding Will Be Webcast

August 19, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the wedding of good friends, Sammie and Isaac. The wedding was a blast with all the usual features of Israeli nuptials: chuppah, dancing, speeches and those greasy fried “cigars” stuffed with minced meat (of which I always partake too heartily). There was one element, though, that I’ve never […]

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Software: Heal Thyself

August 10, 2010

If your computer gets sick, would you rather give it a full system overhaul or the equivalent of a digital Advil to relieve the symptoms? Onn Shehory and his team at Israel’s IBM Haifa research facility have developed much more than a computerized analgesic. Say hello to the world’s first self-healing software. The project – […]

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